2014 Schedule
Lido Cinema, The Balcony, Centreplace, 501 Victoria Street, Hamilton

Hamilton Film Society's 2014 Season screens at the Lido Cinema, The Balcony, Centreplace, 501 Victoria Street, Hamilton, March – November, Mondays at 8:00pm, as noted below. Please note: no screenings on public holidays

Most screenings are members only. Please arrive early – no guaranteed seating.

We reluctantly reserve the right to change the programme if a film does not arrive. Late changes will be advised on the home page of this website.

Opening Night
3rd March

Joseph Levy | USA | 2012 | cert tbc
The intertwining stories of three strikingly varied restaurants and the incredible people who make them what they are come together to reveal how meaningful food can be, and the power it has to connect us to one another.
"Sneakily stirring documentary opens up feelings you would never had expected" - Joe Morgenstern - Wall Street Journal
Thanks to the LIDO CINEMA

10th March
Nicolas Roeg | UK | 1976 | R18
An alien falls to earth in the form of the pale, sad, androgynous David Bowie, and attempts to return home in Roeg’s science fiction tour de force. “Dazzling! Time has done nothing to reduce its cool, confounding strangeness.” – New Yorker

17th March
8:00 pmO'HORTEN
Ben Hamer | NOR / DEU / FRA / DNK | 2007 | M
“Luminous and deliciously funny… Horten is a stolid, pipe-smoking Norwegian train engineer. Forced to retire at 67, he enters into a series of serendipitous adventures that show him the necessity as well as the absurdity of embracing life.” – LA Times

24th March
Mauerhase, Bartek Konopka and Piotr Roslowski | Germany/Poland | 2009 | PG
The true story of the thousands of rabbits who once lived in the no-man’s land of the Berlin Wall. “A floppy-eared fable about the uneasy trade-offs between liberty and security. This cheeky parable plays like a totalitarian Watership Down.” – NY Times
Preceded by Esterhazy (Izabela Plucinska, Germany/Poland 2009)

31st March
Louis Malle | USA | 1994 | G
In what would be his final film, Malle collaborates with theater director Andre Gregory and actor-director Wallace Shawn (stars of My Dinner with Andre) to create this wholly innovative, non-theatrical staging of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya.

7th April
Lech Majewski | Poland / Sweden | 2011 | R16
Bruegel’s immense frieze of rustic life, The Way to Calvary, lives and breathes in this visually ravishing recreation from Majewski. “An extraordinary imaginative leap… a unique, immersive museum-meets-cinema experience.” – Variety

14th April
Ivan Sen | Australia | 2011 | R16
Ivan Sen’s deeply personal film is an unflinching portrait of a young Aboriginal boy and the limited options his remote community can offer. “Deftly finding the poetry and humour in this harsh setting… this is affecting stuff.” – FilmInk

28th April
Gustavo Taretto | ARG / ESP / DEU | 2011 | M
A fresh, funny take on love in the city: a romcom in which the lovers have yet to meet. “Immensely likable… the Buenos Aires-set love story is unique to the Argentine capital, yet universal in theme.” – Variety

5th May
Warwick Thornton | Australia | 2009 | R16
Mesmerising and still highly topical, Warwick Thornton’s feature about a pair of outcast outback Aboriginal kids won the Camera d’Or for Best First Film at the Cannes Film Festival 2009 and was an unexpected hit in Australia.

12th May
8:00pmCHINESE TAKEAWAY (Un cuento chino)
Sebastian Borensztein | ARG / ESP | 2011 | M
“The thoroughly charming Latin American comedy drama Chinese Takeaway is a real delight – warm, amusing and delightfully structured… Its genial warmth and wry humour fit perfectly with its odd-couple storyline.” – Screendaily

19th May
Celine Sciamma | France | 2011 | M
This bold, luminous drama of childhood and gender identity centres on 10-year-old Laure, happily passing for a boy when her family move to a new neighbourhood. Among the superb performances by a cast largely of children, Zoé Héran is a knockout.

26th May
8:00pmA SCREAMING MAN (Un homme qui crie)
Mahamat-Seleh Haroun | FRA / BEL / TCD | 2010 | M
A father’s world collapses when he loses his job as a pool attendant to his son, as his central African country is torn apart by civil war. Winner Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2010. “Directed with great confidence… pure grade art cinema.” – Variety

9th June
Shirley Clarke | USA | 1967 | M offensive language, sexual references, drug use
Clarke’s portrait of an African American gay ‘hustler’ and aspiring nightclub performer is “a pioneering study of the cinema verité movement – a record of Jason conversing, performing, confessing, dissolving. It’s an intense, commanding film.” – Chicago Reader

16th June
Raoul Peck | France/Belgium/Germany/Haiti | 2000 | M medium level violence
Thrilling political drama based on the true story of Patrice Lumumba’s incendiary two months as prime minister of a newly liberated Congo. “Lumumba is potent stuff. Complex, powerful, intensely dramatic.” – LA Times

23th June
Shirley Clarke | USA | 1962 | M drug use
A time capsule from the bohemian underbelly of ’60s America, Shirley Clarke’s feature satirises the pretense-to-truth of documentary film. “The majority of today’s American independent productions look timorous by comparison.” – L Magazine

30th June
Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi | Palestine/Israel/France/Netherlands | 2011 | M violence, content that may disturb
Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat’s family movies of village life under siege in the West Bank have been edited by Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi into an unforgettably personal account of political struggle. Documentary Directing Award, Sundance 2012.

7th July
8:00pmTHE CRUCIFIED LOVERS (Chikamatsu monogatari)
Mizoguchi Kenji | Japan 1954 | HD | PG violence
"A sublime, perfectly modulated story of doomed love set in 17th-century Japan and drawn from the repertory of the puppet theatre... Essential viewing.” – Dave Kehr

14th July
Ken Scott | Canada | 2011 | M violence, offensive language, drug use, sexual references
A middle-aged slacker discovers his stint as a sperm donor has resulted in hundreds of children. “A French-Canadian comedy that pitches for wit over broad comedy… The result is always entertaining and rarely mawkish.” – Empire

21st July
Julian Schnabel | USA | 2007 | PG sexual references
The late Lou Reed gave the first live performances of his long underrated 1973 album Berlin in 2006. Painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel contributed to the staging, and then made this gloriously unornamented film of the event.

28th July
Costa Botes | NZ | 2011
"For the past 40 years, in a remote and harshly beautiful corner of northern Manitoba, Brian Ladoo has devoted his life to preserving and breeding an endangered species:the Qimmmiq, Canada's indigenous Eskimo dog...
A wilderness lover's delight... this intimate, gorgeously rendered documentary intelligently surveys Ladoon's quixotic mission, the numerous obstacles he faces, and the uneasy co-existence of man, animal and nature in the small town of Churchill (pop. 873)

4th August
8:00pmHER MOTHERS PROFESSION (Uwasa no onna)
Mizoguchi Kenji | Japan | 1954 | M adult themes
When a mother and her rebellious daughter find themselves pursuing the same man, both must confront their attitudes to each other and the family business - a Kyoto geisha house in post-war Japan.

11th August
Nicolas Roeg | UK | 1985 | R13 cert
Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and Senator Joseph McCarthy converge in one NYC hotel room to riff on love, hate, fame, jealousy and everything, in Roeg’s compelling and visually inventive adaptation of Terry Johnson’s play.

18th August
8:00pmBERLIN: SYMPHONY OF A METROPOLIS (Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt)
Walter Ruttmann | Germany | 1927
Ruttmann’s classic city symphony, shot by the great cameraman Karl Freund, was conceived as an abstract artwork. Rigorously organised on musical principles, it takes us through a day in the German capital, from dawn to midnight.

New Zealand International Film Festival 2014, Hamilton 21 August – 14 September

22rd September
Ulrich Köhler | Germany/France/Netherlands | 2011 | M offensive language, sexual references
Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a springboard for this haunting drama, which sees Africa through the eyes of a white expat doctor addicted to the place, and a black French doctor newly arrived to the continent. Best Director, Berlin Film Festival 2011.

29th September
Vincente Minnelli | USA | 1951| G cert
“A classic film featuring the timeless music of George and Ira Gershwin, An American in Paris has a freshness and charm rare in the musical genre, and it was the film that forever identified MGM as the studio for musicals…” – TV Guide

6th October
Lindsay Anderson | UK | 1967 | PG cert
A daringly anarchic vision of Britain, set in a boarding school in the ’60s, Anderson’s film is powered by Malcolm McDowell’s astounding performance as a rebellious pupil. “A terrific film made with incredible brio.” – The Guardian

13th October
Peter Watkins | UK | 1967 | PG cert
Starring singer Paul Jones as puppet superstar and 60s supermodel Jean Shrimpton as the girl who tries to help him flout the system, Watkins’ prescient film satirises swinging Britain, pop music and its co-option by the ‘establishment’.

20th October
8:00pmCOLOUR OF THE OCEAN (Die Farbe des Ozeans)
Maggie Peren | Germany/Spain | 2011 | R13 violence, drug use
A young German tourist in the Canaries comes to the aid of an African refugee and his son, but becomes irreparably enmeshed in their fate. “A muscular, moving thriller… Peren juggles the multiple perspectives of her story with aplomb.” – Variety

3rd November
8:00pmLETTERS TO FATHER JACOB (Postia pappi Jaakobille)
Klaus Härö | Finland | 2009 | M adult themes
A pardoned criminal is offered a second chance with a job in an isolated parsonage reading and composing letters for Father Jacob, a blind priest. “A lean, engrossing character study about loneliness, redemption and the power of faith.” – LA Weekly

10th November
8:00pmGRIN WITHOUT A CAT (Le fond de l'air est rouge)
Chris Marker | France | 1977/1993
A beautiful, idiosyncratic and prophetic meditation on the fate of the world in the decade following the May 1968 uprising. “Chris Marker has a genius for poetic aphorism and the documentary equivalent of the bon mot.” – Village Voice

17th November
Zoe McIntosh | New Zealand | 2013 | R13
All hail Clint and Dwayne, awesome pony-riding gang of two. Best friends who hang out on the rural fringes of West Auckland, they deal tinnies to pony club mums and bling out their own brave steeds with pearls, sunglasses and glitter. Their Maori friend Kody is busting to join the white boy gang, but he is only 12 so they are holding him off for the time being.

24th November
8:00pmRUGGLES OF RED GAP + End of Year Party
Leo McCarey | USA | 1935 | G
This riotous clash between Old World and New features the great Charles Laughton in one of his iconic roles, as a British butler who is shipped out to the Wild West when his services are won by an American in a high-stakes poker game.